One of the most difficult parts of living in New York City is the lack of trees. However, because you aren’t constantly surrounded by them you find beauty in each tree you find. I love walking in the West Village on summer nights, going to battery park with the huge weeping willows and especially close to my heart is the tree lined branch around the corner from me on Clinton Street.

The Tree Story, by artist Leila El-Kayem uses the art of storytelling and illustration to “reconnect urbanites with the trees that surround them.” These witty drawings give a voice to the trees around us and comment on every day happenings that we experience every day in the city.

Tomorrow marks the opening of The Tree Story exhibit at CultureFix. Partnering with MillionTreesNYC, each drawing will be sold for $100 and 30% of the proceeds will go to planting new and sustaining trees in New York City.

The exhibit also features a story tree, where viewers can post their own tree stories and read others’ tree experiences.

Furthermore, a Tree Story tour is available through Folio. Folio is an application founded by Michael Dinerstein that creates walking tours in New York City. You can follow trees and get to know The Lower East Side a little better by getting the app at

The Tree Story is more than an art exhibit, but it is an experience as well. It’s an opportunity to take a moment and ¬†think about the trees we pass every day and especially as fall rapidly drains the summer, we can at least lookforward to the gorgeous foliage of a New York autumn.

Come to the opening tomorrow and write your story, take a moment to go on Folio’s walking Tree Story tour or visit the Tree Story exhibit until September 25th at CultureFix. Happy Fall!